Optimize Your Ads

Google AdSense comes with a set of tools to help you optimize your ads. Use these tools to maximize your earning potential.


  • Use AdSense scorecards to check your site's general health, responsiveness, and ads revenue potential.
  • Run performance reports to monitor which platforms and ad sizes return the most revenue.
  • Follow AdSense recommendations to maximize revenue potential.

Check scorecards

Want to know if your site and ads are as good as they can be? Check your site’s general health, multiple-screen support, and ads revenue potential using the Google AdSense scorecards.

Each scorecard reports any improvements that need to be made, and helps you make the necessary fixes. Address any items that you see with a red or yellow exclamation mark, as fixing them may help to increase your traffic and/or revenue.

These sample scorecards show green check marks, indicating a healthy site, with maximized ads revenue potential.

Multi-screen scorecard

Multi-screen scorecard

Site health scorecard

Site health scorecard

Revenue optimization scorecard

Revenu optimization scorecard

Run performance reports

Google AdSense performance reports provide more insight into not just how much you’re earning, but what impacts those earnings.

We recommend using these reports to maximize your ads revenue on multiple devices:

Report Description
Creative sizes Shows you the size of displayed ads served on your site; use this report to understand trends in ad sizing when using responsive ads.
Targeting types Reports how ads are being targeted to your site; specifically compares the percentage of ads targeting your site's content compared to the percentage of ads targeting user-interests.
Platforms Shows which devices your ad units were viewed on, for example, on desktop or mobile.

Follow recommendations

Googe Adsense analyzes your site’s ad traffic to determine how your site could be changed to earn you more revenue.

Results are shown on your home page in the Recommendations box. Follow these recommendations to improve ad performance and revenue.

We also recommend that you follow these tips to drive more traffic to your site; the more people who come to your site, the more people likely to click on ads.

Updated on 2014-07-31


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